You Can’t Do Business with Hitler

Office for Emergency Management, 179-WP-28, The Office for Emergency Management created several radio series for the American homefront during World War II. Among these was You Can't Do Business with Hitler. We in the Moving Image and Sound Branch branch have recently worked to process this and other freshly-digitized materials from the OEM. You … Continue reading You Can’t Do Business with Hitler

“Celebration of V-J Day, 08/14/1945”

“I have received this afternoon a message from the Japanese Government...” At 7 pm on August 14, 1945, President Harry Truman stood before reporters gathered at the White House and announced the unconditional surrender of Japan. The Pacific War was over. Although the formal signing of the terms of surrender ending World War II would not occur until September 2nd,  the … Continue reading “Celebration of V-J Day, 08/14/1945”